Module 6 – From Cruel to Cool

I am an educator that specializes in Compliance, risk-based, regulatory training.  When I first started training in this particular space there was a very negative perception of Compliance and any Compliance training. This VERY negative attitude was difficult to deal with. It was through the need to change my participants’ attitude towards Compliance that led me to where I am today in my career. These obstacles that I have faced have also lead to the fledgling sideline opportunity of creating meaningful and engaging Compliance training for other firms.

My participants are adults with a high degree of education and work in a 100% commission environment. These factors lead me to the conclusion that my participants have a high “prey drive”, intelligent and place a high value on their time. I also discovered that these participants have a very short attention span. Catching and holding their attention in addition to their negative biases would be the main focus of my new programming.

The emphasis and focus were to remove the perception of Compliance being unreasonable and sales killers. There needed to be an element of fun, which would show that Compliance professionals are human too. The key was to make Compliance approachable, knowledgeable and a partner, as opposed to being an adversary.

Keeping these factors in mind I started to develop the new Compliance education program with the following tagline, or brand statement: “Taking Compliance training from cruel to cool.” The new program focuses on addressing the behavioural issues through a variety of means including, but not exclusive to the creation of board games, videos, and modelling expected behaviour in the classroom.


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